Extract of the registration


Extract of the registration in conformance to the Personal Data Act (523/99) ยง 10

The holder of the register

Trans-Seed Ky

Contact person responsible for the registration 

Nadezda Feofilova


The purpose of the registration

The registered customer data is used for mainteinance of communication between the customers and the management of Valmiskauppa only. Placing an order does not require any registration within the customer register.

Contents of the register

Customer information: customer number, last name, first name, post address, postal code, city, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, order history and delivery tracking information.
Register also contains the customer's permission to send marketing related information.

Sources of information in conformance to the regulations

The contact information is stored in the customer register. All other information is stored in the customer's personal account when making purchases in the web-shop.

The regulations of disclosure and transfer of the data outside of the EU or European Economic Area.

The holder of the register does not have a right to disclose the register data to the third party.

Security and protection of the data

The register information and files are normally protected by technical protection system. The register access requires a personal user ID and a password, which is granted only to employees covered by the data controller, whose position and duties are associated with such an access.